Aug 21, 2018

To most people, Hezbollah are terrorists To Jessica Morse, they’re a “stabilizing influence”

Roseville, CA - Democrat Jessica Morse desperately wants to be seen as an expert on national security despite a California Superior Court Judge’s ruling that she could not refer to herself as an expert, fellow or consultant on National Security on the primary ballot. Given Morse’s extreme comments in support of terrorist groups that have murdered thousands of people including 241 U.S. servicemen in the 1983 Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon, she would do well to follow that Judge’s ruling. 

From an interview with Laguna Talks on KX 93.5 on Hezbollah:

Interviewer: and we demonize these groups, Hezbollah, we paint them one demonically, but we forget that there very much populists in Lebanon in the sense that they do good things for the community, they build highways, they gain popularity and so we see it one way, it’s hard to convince a nation that there the bad guys.

Jessica Morse: oh, absolutely, a lot of these groups that use foreign aid tactics, they use micro credit, they offer people jobs, they offer people security, so they come in as a stabilizing influence in the communities, and this is a model were seeing used over and over again. The concept that they have a micro lending branch in Hezbollah, or Hamas, sorry, is astounding to me,

Jessica Morse’s views on terrorist groups are not only incredibly out of touch with the voters of California’s 4th Congressional district, but they’re also an example of the extreme views on foreign policy that this self-styled “national security expert” holds,” said Chris Baker, Spokesperson for the McClintock for Congress campaign. “Morse should come clean with voters on what other sympathies she has towards terrorist groups.” 


Tom McClintock
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