Aug 10, 2020

Brynne Kennedy is Just Wrong About Rep. Tom McClintock’s Record

Brynne Kennedy is just wrong about

Rep. Tom McClintock’s record

(Roseville, CA) — After factchecking Brynne Kennedy’s misleading ad, the Sacramento Bee came to the obvious conclusion, “This ad about Tom McClintock gets more than one thing wrong”.

The Sacramento Bee couldn’t let Brynne Kennedy’s lies about Rep. Tom McClintock’s record on Social Security and Medicare go unchallenged.

Here are the lies they pointed out.

1. “McClintock didn’t say seniors were lusting after Social Security. He wrote this in a Thousand Oaks Chronicle article in 1979: “The generation of the 1930s established Social Security as an equitable system of retirement benefits, but the Old and New Establishments turned their lusting eyes upon it as another cornucopia of riches for lavishing benefits upon themselves.”’

2. “McClintock did not vote to end Medicare … Democrats said at the time that the budget would “end Medicare” — an unqualified statement that Politifact named its 2011 Lie of the Year.”

“This fact check by the Sacramento Bee shows just how wrong Brynne Kennedy is. She is wrong about Rep. Tom McClintock’s record. She is wrong to say she “misses authoritarian governments.” And she is the wrong choice for Congress”, said Campaign Manager Jon Huey.
Rep. Tom McClintock’s campaign released its first ad for the 2020 General Election last week, highlighting her tweet, saying she “misses authoritarian governments”. Click here to see the ad


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