Nov 05, 2015

History is Watching

Remarks to Organization of Iranian-American Communities

November 5, 2015


The atrocities now rained upon Camp Liberty are a stain on American honor and cannot be allowed to continue. 

MEK’s freedom fighters relied on explicit promises of protection from our government when they disarmed themselves and placed their safety in our hands.   Four years ago, this administration walked away from those promises and turned over the fate of the people of Camp Liberty to the corrupt Iraqi government.  That government, which was created with the blood of thousands of American soldiers, has repeatedly allowed attacks on the camp by Iranian forces while the United States government has simply looked on.

The attack last week on Camp Liberty should surprise no one.  Previous attacks went unaddressed and unanswered which led directly and predictably to the attack last week.  Unless concrete steps are taken by this administration to rescue the heroes of Camp Liberty, we can expect continuing and escalating violence. 

The Iranian dictatorship, which this administration revived and rewarded by lifting international sanctions, has made no secret of its intention to exterminate the 2,200 refugees who remain at Camp Liberty and the Iraqi government has made crystal clear it will stand by idly while they do.  Only action by the United States can prevent this unfolding tragedy and injustice -- and time is fleeting.

History will look back on the coming days either as America’s finest hour – when we rose to redeem the promises made to the Camp Liberty freedom fighters – or as its most shameful hour, when we turned our backs and allowed the slaughter of 2,200 souls who voluntarily disarmed at our request and who placed their trust in us for their protection.

History is watching.  And history will not forget what happens there.

Tom McClintock
Tom`s Blog