Aug 12, 2016

Derlet Invited to Support McClintock Measures to Save Our Forests

Congressman Tom McClintock today released this statement in response to Dr. Robert Derlet’s press release of August 12, 2016 on forest conditions in the Sierra Nevada:

 “I welcome Dr. Derlet’s sudden concern over the disastrous condition of our forests.  He might want to read the eight years of alarms I have sounded over the laws and regulations that have made it impossible for us to properly manage our forests, remove excess timber and maintain the space that trees need to resist stresses like drought and pestilence.  This is why I sought to lead Congress on these issues as chairman of the House Subcommittee on Federal Lands.

“The Resilient Federal Forests Act, HR 2647, produced by my subcommittee and passed on a bipartisan vote by the House last year, would have allowed the removal of dead and dying timber without the litigation, endless studies and prohibitive costs these laws have imposed.  I invite Dr. Derlet to support it and to demand that Senate Democrats allow it to be heard, passed and sent to the President.

 “I also invite him to endorse my HR 3382, the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act, which would clear the way for fire prevention treatment in the Tahoe Basin that now has four times the trees the land can support.  It has passed committee and is awaiting consideration on the House Floor, but with heavy Democratic opposition. 

 “And we could also use his support of my HR 5860, the Emergency Forest Restoration Act.  It would provide $300 million to clear out dead timber from forests that have already been ravaged by the bark beetles and to thin our remaining healthy acreage to withstand this infestation.

 “Unfortunately, there is currently no direct assistance available to homeowners to pay for removal of dead trees on their private property, but my office has been working with local governments for indirect grants through the Department of Agriculture’s Good Neighbor Authority.  I welcome any other suggestions he might have.” 

Tom McClintock
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