Nov 09, 2016

Thank You!

Throughout our long history, whenever our nation has been at its greatest peril, the American people have always risen up to set things right.  They did so again last night, and gave to our 45th President and the 115th Congress a clear mandate to “make America great again.

That work is now upon us, and will require the faithful fulfillment of the promises made to the American people to restore our Constitution, secure our borders, uphold the rule of law and revive our economy.  And it will require the continuing involvement of a campaign that became a movement that became a presidency.  If we rededicate ourselves to the task ahead, this generation will have saved and preserved what Lincoln called, “The last best hope of mankind on this earth.”

To the people of the Fourth Congressional District – THANK YOU.  There is no greater honor an American can have than to be entrusted with working and speaking and voting on behalf of a constituency in the halls of Congress.  Five times now the people of this district have done me that honor, and I cannot begin to put into words how highly I value that trust and how seriously I recognize that responsibility.

Individual liberty.   Constitutionally limited government.  Personal responsibility.  These are the principles that make America exceptional.  They embody the core philosophy of our party and of our country.  I will do everything I can to restore them as the foundation of our public policy as long as the good people of the fourth district allow me to do so. 

Tom McClintock
McClintock's Blog