Oct 17, 2018

McClintock's Real Record on Veterans


By Dan Caldwell, Executive Director of Concerned Veterans of America

Allies of Jessica Morse put out a false ad claiming that Rep. Tom McClintock voted against funding for vets. The ad bases its claims on Tom's votes on a motion on a bill he ultimately voted for and a Department of Defense bill unrelated to VA issues. That is pathetic. Here is his real record on vets:

In 2014 Rep. McClintock co-sponsored the VA Accountability Management Accountability Act which made it easier to fire bad VA managers and the Veterans Access to Care Act which created the choice program. Both bills were included in the major 2014 VA reform bill that Tom voted for.

In 2015 Rep. McClintock voted for the VA Accountability Act which made it easier to fire bad VA employees at all levels and which served as the basis for the 2017 VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act which was signed into law by POTUS and which Tom also voted for.

In 2018 Rep. McClintock voted for the VA MISSION Act which fundamentally reforms how the VA delivers health care to our veterans and which will give them more health care choice through the VA.

All these bills were major reforms to the VA that ultimately will put the agency on a different path. These were not feel good bills that members of Congress introduce to get attention for themselves or bills that just dump more money into the VA's failing health care system.

Considering Rep. Tom McClintock’s long record of supporting veterans and legislation to fix the VA, it’s no surprise that allies of Jessica Morse would have to resort to lies and deception to try and convince the voters otherwise.

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