Oct 29, 2018

In Response to Michael Hiltzik

On Monday, Michael Hiltzik accused me of anti-Semitism after I tweeted condolences for the victims of the mass murder at the Jewish Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

How does he justify this vile and hateful accusation?  I recently spoke at an event – sponsored by one of the largest radio networks in America – that also featured conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza, whom Hiltzik accuses of racism.  Ironically, I have spoken at the same event as Hiltzik in the past, making him an anti-Semite according to his own tortured logic.  

(After I called him out on his intellectually dishonest ploy of guilt by association, Hiltzik updated his column to suggest that I was disingenuously distancing myself from D’Souza.  As far as I have read D’Souza’s work, it is a voluminous and passionate denunciation of racism in all its forms, including the racist history of the Democratic Party.  Hiltzik’s only support for his reckless charge of racism is that D’Souza once carelessly re-tweeted praise for his recent book that came with a racist hashtag he didn’t catch.  That seems a far less blameworthy Internet blunder than Mr. Hiltzik’s documented practice of lying about his identity so that he can praise his own work on social media).

He goes on to imply that Republican leaders who are critical of George Soros, Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg are anti-Semites responsible for the slaughter of innocents at the hands of a madman.  He closes by sneering at calls for civility in our public discourse. 

The L.A. Times once suspended Hiltik for violating its ethical guidelines, but today his work seems to stand as this paper’s idea of reasoned opinion.   How the Times have changed!

- Rep. Tom McClintock

(This response was updated to address Hiltzik’s revised column)

Tom McClintock
Tom`s Blog