Nov 07, 2018

Rep. McClintock on his Election Victory!

I cannot begin to adequately thank all those who supported my candidacy with their time, their resources, their votes and their confidence.   The left poured more than $4 million into this district and brought in busloads of campaign workers. For two years, they demonstrated, disrupted, resisted and confidently predicted that they would “turn the fourth district blue.”  On election night, the people of our communities had their say, and it was a landslide re-affirmation the policies I have pursued: to reduce the tax and regulatory burdens on our families and businesses; to reign in unnecessary spending; to secure our borders and defend our sovereignty; to return sound management to our forests; to build new water storage for our needs; and restore a competitive, free market health care system that serves every American.

For the last two years, our House majority has delivered results for the American people.  We enacted one of the biggest tax cuts in history, rolled back a record number of unnecessary bureaucratic regulations and produced one of the most dramatic economic expansions in our nation’s history.  We passed landmark legislation – including my bills to restore sound management to our forests and expedite construction of new water storage.  We repealed the most onerous provisions of Obamacare. Yet despite these many results, the American people voted to give the Democrats a slender majority in the House.  It is my hope that their leadership will build on the solid results of the last two years rather than fulfill their vows to resist, obstruct and even impeach.  If they continue the progress we have begun, all will be well.  If not, the American people will have the chance to judge again in just two years. 

Time will tell.  But for now, to all those who supported my candidacy and stood by me in this fight, I want to express my deepest and most heart-felt gratitude.

Rep. Tom McClintock

Tom McClintock
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